The Red Cleric

The Red Cleric is the persona for a Minnesotan Officiant who had a very specific vision and wanted their company to reflect their strong personality and character.

Some initial compositions of the logo. I was strongly drawn towards the top-right variation; I personally liked the strong capital letters, the tails on the R and the first C in "Cleric". The dark outline and subtle emboss lifted it off the screen.
The final version of the logo. The client had strong feelings about their logo and I acquiesced; it was—after all—their logo. While it meant that none of the original comps were used, various elements were combined to create the final look. The client was thrilled with the result, especially the tail connecting the capital R and C. A happy client means a happy designer; I was pleased with the result,  regardless that it wasn't what I had initially envisioned! 
The quill & inkwell; seal and ribbon; and written parchment were all seperate icons that combined to form this super-mega-icon. These elements were some of the first I ever created in Creative Suite. I have learned a lot since but remain fond of them.
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