TMac, LLC.

Corporate branding including logo, stationary, website and marketing. The owner of the company is known to his customers for wearing an Australian hat, thus the logo is easily recognized by all his clients.

TMac, LLC. specializes in selling temporary heating equipment to the water damage industry  •  They required complete branding including logo, stationary, website and marketing pieces.
Corporate logo  •  The client wanted a logo that was a brand of himself as well as his company.  His fascination with the Australian Jacaru hat (and his inability to remove it) led to the final design. The colors are inspired by the heating and drying equipment.
Illustrator CS4  •  Photoshop CS4
Mailer campaign targeting Water Damage Professionals.  Client was selling a fleet of heating equipment; the emphasis was on one-button, turn-key operation.  Back of card invited recipient to test-drive the hottest machine in water damage.
Trifold brochure (outside) 
Photoshop CS4
Trifold brochure (outside)Photoshop CS4
Photoshop CS4  •  HTML / CSS in Coda.
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