"The Energy Star Portfolio Manager is a free web-based tool offered by the EPA that allows building owners and operators to track and assess energy and water consumption of their buildings. Automated Benchmarking is a tool within Portfolio Manager that allows customers to have energy consumption data uploaded to their account from their utilities."
- Puget Sound Energy, PSE.com [http://www.pse.com/accountsandservices/PropertyManagers/Pages/Automated-Benchmarking.aspx]
Original whiteboard mockup of ABS' sitemap.
Mockup of the ABS "activity bucket", a searchable list of submitted / approved addresses.
Initial digital mockup of log-in process. Laid out as a Google Drawing.
Initial digital mockup (with annotations) of the 'Activity Bucket'. Laid out as in InDesign CS6. 
Polished mockup of the "activity bucket". Laid out in InDesign CS6.
Mockup of "create building" screen. Laid out in InDesign CS6

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