Hearthstone Property Inspections
Assurance through Education.
The logo took soooooooo long to finalize and went through a ridonculous number of alterations. Bizarrely, the final logo drew inspiration from celtic influences and owes a lot to the Pixar movie Brave. The illumination used in the movie title helped get us from "It's okay, but..." to

We wanted to effectively communicate the warmth, comfort and safety of the hearth; incorporating that imagery into the "H" worked perfectly at promoting the assurance in the company's tagline. The brown and cream color scheme was complimented by the warm, colorful flame.
I designed three different backs for the business cards to reflect the three primary unique selling points. These "badges" are reflected on the company website and throughout our other literature.

With much appreciation for RecallChek, the service they provide and the megalomaniacal genius behind it all I wanted to honor them by using their company color - that truly appealing green - and using very precise, complimentary colors for our other primary USPs.
Our rack cards are displayed in two dozen different Real Estate offices and their sole purpose is for catching the eye of agents. The language was carefully chosen, with enticing words like pledge and invite; we thought long and hard about the message and point of the piece. The strongest message we could make was the reiteration of the USPs that set us apart from and above the competition. Getting agents to see those USPs is paramount.

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