With the advent of Joffish, Inc. relocating from Minnesota to Seattle (and having to reform the company as Joffish, LLC.) We decided to take the opportunity to completely overhaul our own branding; investing the company and site with more of an amalgamative personality based on our (myself and my wife's) very unique personalities. We wanted Joffish to embody our own design ideals: clean, simple aesthetics; while promoting no-nonsense business services.
It's hard to accurately pin-point when I decided to go with the landscape / signpost design but I know it came as something of a revelation. Endlessly wracking my brain to work out who "Joffish" was the visual suddenly popped into my head and couldn't be replaced. For me, the strongest, and not unintentional, visual is the HOME signpost pointing at the cottage; I live there in my dreams. Having those magnificent guardians of mountains behind me and the seclusion of rolling hills is just idyllic.

Who is Joffish? Me and my wife are; our shared hopes, dreams and ambitions; our attitude towards how businesses should interact, how people should be treated and our own, very personal design ideals.
Joffish business card.
Stylized self-portrait for the About Us page of joffish.com [joffish.com/who]

I honestly am that scruffy; "scrubbing up" only temporarily improves things - I've always believed that professionalism comes from attitude and actions more than appearance.  I've resembled that self-portrait for over a decade and am very comfortable with my appearance.

Purple has always been my favorite color since I was a wee one; I'm curious what originally triggered my fascination but has since extended to designing my own purple Converse sneakers. The original version of Joffish.com used purple excessively; I'm surprised that the purple only really survived the redesign in my shirt and the purple "work with us" flag.

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