We took multiple shots of our family of customers fleeing the house after detecting gas. We had mother and daughter, mother and son, and all three running out of the house in various states of alarm. At the time we were trying to capture shots that would cover various levels of alarm.
We were thrilled with the lighting in these photos. While we had a fire engine on scene—with the very kind cooperation of the local fire brigade—we used lighting gels to cast that very distinctive blue and red light. It turned out brilliantly.
A different set of "flight" photos were taken on the deck of the model house. A lot cooler temperature, a sense of fleeing the warmth and perceived safety of a home contrasting with that fear of something potentially dangerous.
A seperate shoot, these photos were intended for a "Detect. Leave. Call" series of illustrations that would highlight the steps to take when smellign natural gas. This was one of many "leave" photos. Unfortunately it caused confusion with test audiences and had to be reshot but it's still a gorgeous photo.
For our "detect" photos we had a very gracious employee who was willing to let us dig a small hole in their front yard. We were able to frame the gas meter in the background. The focus needed to be on leaking gas which—especially outside when the sulphuric smel dissipated rapidly—is visible because of bubbles in puddles and blown dirt.
Yours truly, helping PSE's photographer Carey Rose frame and light a shot.

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