Character designs from early 2014 when Safesquatch was first being explored as a safety mascot. He was originally intended for PSE's natural gas safety brochure—one of the energy company's primary customer touch points. The brochure eventually went in a different direction but Safesquatch wasn't forgotten...
Originally, the natural gas safety brochure would have contained an isometric illustration that had Safesquatch involved in several activities involving both safe and unsafe behaviors.
Safesquatch may not have found a home in the natural gas safety brochure but was introduced to customers in Spring/Summer 2015. A Facebook cover photo plus posts on Facebook and Twitter delivered multple safety messages. The inital idea of having several stories in one illustration survived; Safesquatch is depicted going through his day, tackling three important tasks where safe behavior is critical.
When working in your front yard always Call 811 Before You Dig! 811 is the phone number you call before digging to protect yourself and others from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines.
Detect. Leave. Call. If you detect or even suspect that you have a natural gas leak:
• Leave the area immediately. If you're indoors, evacuate the building.
• Call PSE or 911 immediately, but don't use your cell or landline phone anywhere near the leak.
• Don't do anything that might create a spark, including flipping any switches.
Puget Sound Energy promotes the safe and smart planting of heigh-appropriate trees in the vicinity of power lines. When PSE needs to remove tall growing species under power lines and hazardous trees that could fall, they balance that effort with a mitigation program. Partnering with local, state and federal agencies, they identify potential mitigation sites that are currently degraded. Their goal is to convert these critical areas into thriving ecosystems.
The incredibly talented Carey Rose (—former Media Specialist at Puget Sound Energy—animated Safesquatch in three shorts. Published on YouTube, the videos were shared on social media alongside the static graphics. Yours truly provided the voice of everyone's furry friend!
Avoid flying kites, metallic balloons and radio-controlled toys near power lines. If a kite or Mylar balloon drifts near a power line, let it go. Never try to retrieve anything caught in a power line or from a tree located near a power line.
During a power outage, never operate a gas grill or generator indoors! Safesquatch continues to draw attention to PSE's safety messaging. He's fun, engaging and allows us to bring attention fo messages that may otherwise be overlooked. 
"The Voice of myPSE" is Puget Sound Energy's monthly newsletter to customers delivered alongside their statement. Safesquatch ended up in the September newsletter, putting him immediately in front of over 1.5 million customers. This was an incredibly huge deal for me—I typically lay out the Voice but had never previously had one of my illustrations featured in an issue. That it's an illustration for preparedness is a seperate win for me—my wife and I are "preppers." I keep a preparedness kit at work and another at home. We also maintain seperate "GO" bags with clean clothes, pairs of shoes and various supplies ready to grab in the event of an emergency. My wife, Rebecca, is also Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) certified (
Following a Socia Media Brown Bag in which several members of our team talked about how Puget Sound Energy utilizes social media to deliver important, educational and fun messaging, many employees were willing to don Safesquatch shirts and pose in front of the bigyun himself.
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