The Quest Army is the collective name for fans of ABC's "The Quest", a fantasy-themed reality show from the producers of "The Lord of the Rings", "The Amazing Race" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". The show features 12 contestants ("Paladins") who are summoned to a fantastic world and become embroiled in an immersive story; a unique competition series where players engage in epic challenges and are eliminated episodically until only the "One True Hero" remains.

As a fandom, The Quest Army promotes the show through live-tweets, rewatches, community events and general discussion. The show's creators, cast, crew and contestants are all part of the Facebook group and engage with fans regularly and positively. The show's fans are also represented on G+ and Twitter, the latter used primarily for recurring rewatches and live tweets.

As a member of the community, I created fan-art, promotional materials and hosted 16 behind-the-scenes Hangouts with people involved in the show's production.
In total we hosted 16 Google Hangouts On Air. Each Hangout typically had one special guest from the show and several paticipants from The Quest Army. They were an incredible experience and I was privileged to meet some remarkable people. 
An integral part of the show are The Fates, devine beings who summon the contestants and pit them against one another to complete challenges. Representing The Light, The Earth and The Flesh, the three sisters are revered by the residents of Everealm—the fantasy realm the show is set in.

These three variations of a graphic—Evermoon, Harvest and Yule—were printed on postcards and tees; and were used to promote Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations within the group (affectionately termed "Fatesgiving" and "Questmas").
(Below) These screengrabs from the show were manipulated and had content added (Photoshop) to promote the 3rd rewatch and live tweet and mark the one year anniversary since the show's original airing.
As part of the rewatch and live tweet efforts, I created phone manipulations of the contestants during eliminations, pairing them with quotes about their experience.

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